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Deep Cut 2012 X 2200 x Y 1200 with laser tool setting and Renishaw probe
Depo Speed 1008 X 1000 x Y 1100 with laser tool setting and Renishaw probe
Depo Jet 1208 gantry CNC Mill (travels= X 1200 x Y 800 / 25 Kw 14000 rpm HSK80
spindle with a 40000 speed increaser) x 2
DepoJet 906 X 900 x Y 600 - laser tool setting
5 axis DMU- 125P X 1250 Y 800 Z1000 with
Heidenhain probe and laser probe
Kondia HM1060 , Heidenhain control 530 , Full 3D Capability (X-1060, Y-600 ,
Z-500mm Chip Conveyor)
Lagun Bedmill CNC Travel 2500 x 1000 x 1000 Universal Head
ANAYAK Bedmill CNC 2000 x 800 x 1000 universal head
Bridgeport Interact 700 CNC (TNC 2500 control) 10,000 RPM Spindle
Prototrack XYZ Edge 2000
Beaver Mill (Vertical) with slotting head


TCMZ TC35Y with latest Fanuc 32iTB control - 692mm dia x
1350mm length - (920mm max swing) includes C axis and Y axis
mill capability.
CMZ TL20 M CNC Fanuc 21Ti control, Live Tooling
& live C axis, Renishaw probe
Harrison Alpha 400S Plus
Colchester 2000 Gap Bed Centre Lathe

CAD / CAM / Inspection

CATIA V5 (All versions)
3 Para-Metric Solid Modelling seats using Pro Engineer
Integrated manufacturing using Pro Nc (3 axis milling & 2 axis Turning)
Mastercam Mill / Design (3 axis milling) & Mastercam Lathe (2 axis Turning)
Virtual DMIS inspection software by IMS (Part to solid model inspection)
Inspection CMM (Co-ordinate measuring machine)
DEA I.O.T.A. 1204 (Travel X 1m x Y 2m Z 600mm) Renishaw PH10T probe head,
TP20 probe, various extensions & styli.


Jones & Shipman Universal
BLOM Surface Grinder (14" Head Clearance)
Brierley Drill Grinder

Miscellaneous Equipment

Welding and Fabrication
Assembly and Fitting


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