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Strenco Quality Policy

The Company objectives are to provide a service for our customers of the highest standard.  We must at all times comply with customer requirements, monitor the service provided and implement improvements wherever possible.  In order to achieve the highest levels of quality of supply to our customers, we will develop mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.


Top management will provide unity of purpose and direction to the company to provide an organisation that enables all personnel to commit to ensuring our role in our customers’ future.  Effective decision making will be assured by data analysis of company performance.


The company’s Quality Management System covers all activities undertaken within the company and ensures that the interrelated processes all contribute to continually improving effectiveness and efficiency.  These interrelated processes and procedures are fully described and documented within this Manual.


This quality policy and the associated documentation provide a framework to establish and review measurable quality objectives and to ensure that the Company meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.


The Company’s prime quality objectives are to:

Produce a product fit for purpose

Meet customer expectations on quality, cost and delivery

Maintain the infrastructure, and the documentation system, to support these activities and assure company success.


To achieve this objective, the company has based its quality management system on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.   


It is the company policy to ensure that all employees are fully aware of their responsibilities within the Quality Management System and are appropriately trained to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Strenco Tools ISO 9001 2015 Cert
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